Hart Family Brewers Beer Festival, Wellingborough 2016    

Wellingborough Party In The Park 2015    

Wellingborough Castle Theatre 2014/16  

Waendel Beer Festival, Wellingborough 2015    

Wellingborough Bassett's Park Fun Day 2016    

Oundle Rose and Crown pub 2017    

Paul Strummer

"Fun live-looped electro-acoustic dance-punk contemporary R&B singer-songwriter from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK, with two albums of original songs, originally recorded solo acoustically, but now performed with a live looping setup, live looping drum, bass, guitar and vocals for more of a band sound from one person. Paul is working on a third album, another 12 original songs, for release in 2019. As well as performing his own songs, Paul has many unexpected cover versions of well-known catchy pop/soul/rock songs from past to present in his repertoire too."

Contemporary R&B fuses elements of rhythm and blues, soul, funk, pop, hip hop and dance. I also add rock, dance-punk, latin and jazz into the mix too! As a special freebie treat to download, here's my free live EP Live Looped at Wellingborough Party In The Park 2015

Here's a recent live performance of my original/cover/mashup The Belly Dancer and the Flake Advert Song, with Heather Lamb belly dancing at the Hart Brewery Beer Festival Wellingborough:

Photo Live 2013

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Photo Live 2016

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Contact email: paulpaulstrummer.com