Hart Family Brewers Beer Festival, Wellingborough 2016    

Wellingborough Party In The Park 2015    

Wellingborough Castle Theatre 2014/16  

Waendel Beer Festival, Wellingborough 2015    

Wellingborough Bassett's Park Fun Day 2016    

Oundle Rose and Crown pub 2017    

Paul Strummer

"Fun live-looped electric-acoustic rock-n-soul dance-punk originals-n-covers singer-songwriter from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK, with two albums of original songs, originally recorded solo acoustically, but now performed with a live looping setup, live looping drum, bass, guitar and vocals for more of a band sound from one person. Paul is working on a live album and video of live performances from the last decade, and a third album, another 12 original songs, for release in 2021/2022."

As a special freebie treat to download, here's my free live EP Live Looped at Wellingborough Party In The Park 2015

Do please check out this recent VR Music Videos 2019 proof of concept prototype project I worked on, there's a video and a live web page demo that works on web browsers, desktops, laptops, and recent Android and iOS devices.

Here's a recent live performance of my original song Devil Comes A Knocking at the Swivel Club Rushden 2018, I was the warm-up supporting act and the venue was full:

Coming soon in 2021 - Paul Strummer Live at The Horseshoe Wellingborough 2012-2020 live album/video with 20 original songs. For now, here's a youtube playlist taster:

Photo Live 2013

Random Name

Photo Live 2016

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Album Artwork

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Contact email: paulpaulstrummer.com